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At IKOFX, we have developed mobile apps for our clients to make their trading way easier and enable them to engage with us. Clients can easily access to their trading account and the forex market by only clicking a button to download the apps which suits to their devices. The trading mobile apps are developed to enable clients catch up with the latest information from our official website easier and can also immediately contact to our customer support for any inquiries with their carry-on mobile devices.

The Benefits of Mobile Apps

The purpose of having the trading Mobile apps from IKOFX is for the convenience of clients within their trading environment and they can easily access to their trading platform. This have already replaced other trading gadgets and bring the trade on the go. Let’s have a look at the benefits as shown below and why you need to download the apps:

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Manage Account
Anywhere, Anytime

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Secure Trading

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User Friendly

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Customer Support
Is Provided

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Deposit & Withdrawal
Platform Is Provided

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Android, iOS & Web-base
Version Are Available

The Features of Mobile Apps

Most of the traders blamed that it is not easy to bring their full set devices such as laptop or notebook to track their trade and also check their trading account. Now, the Mobile Apps trading platform is developed to easier trader’s life. They are no longer to bring along their laptop, notebook but they willing to use their mobile phones for every trading functions. Herewith the Mobile Apps features which beneficial every traders in the financial market.

  • Create new client cabinet account with email or phone number.
  • Create new trading account.
  • Upload verification documents by taking photo.
  • Deposit and withdrawal.
  • Account password recovery.
  • Share apps to referral via QRcode.
  • Update trading account details such as leverage.

Within those few of the features of Mobile Apps, we believed that it’s already brought a lot of benefits for our clients when they are trading. This is because smartphone is a necessity for everyone and they can trade with their phone is more convenient than bring their laptop go around all the places.

Download The Apps

Search and download our mobile apps for the convenience of your every trading activities.

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