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Interested to get the latest updates on IKOFX? To connect with people interested with FOREX especially to our dear valued clients has been our priority, IKOFX joins various websites. Through this new world of connecting people, all persons can get real-time access and insightful information about IKOFX and the FOREX world. These various social websites give IKOFX the power to share and makes the world of FOREX more open and connected to all.

All company news, events, updates, incoming promos, bonuses and any latest developments and information about IKOFX will be seen under these social websites first hand, if not simultaneous with our main website. Real-time and relevant information about the FOREX market will also be posted by our highly-competent social media management team to help our valued clients obtain all information necessary in making their trading decisions.

Keep in touch with us by following us thru any of the following social websites and stay connected to get updates and latest events about IKOFX and latest FOREX news:

The official corporate blog of IKOFX has been set-up to provide everyone with updates about the latest events and happenings of IKOFX as well as keep them informed and posted about the FOREX market. Thru this blog, all our valued traders can get real-time access and insightful information first hand, if not simultaneous with IKOFX main site, about IKOFX and the FOREX world. This information includes but not limited to company news, incoming promos, bonuses, and everything about FOREX. Visit our official corporate blog at here.

To provide summarized yet comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date and instantaneous information about company events and happenings as well as the FOREX market to all our valued traders, IKOFX enters the world of twitting or micro-blogging with the most popular site under its genre, www.twitter.com. Follow us in Twitter thru here and you'll get all the latest information you need from us.

Keeping in touch and staying connected between our valued traders and IKOFX, and among traders themselves, IKOFX makes itself visible in the world’s most popular social networking website, www.facebook.com. In this manner IKOFX can bring together all our valued traders and/or any person interested with FOREX in one place and let them be acquainted with each other to share their great experienced with IKOFX. With this social network, you’ll have the chance to know IKOFX better and can communicate with us anytime. To connect and keep in touch with IKOFX, join us in facebook thru here.

With the most well-known business-oriented social networking site, IKOFX stays closer with the professionals, students and with business-minded persons who have the will to be successful in world of FOREX trading thru LinkedIn, here