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Exhausted of manually clicking 10 times just to execute an order? IKOFX offers on-the-edge solution for hedge funds, fund managers whom are looking for reliable single platform to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. All the transactions are completely secure and computer-driven, money managers' incentive is charged automatically. Its great features include:


  1. Trades – mini, standard lot accounts for best allocation for each account
  2. Full Stop-Loss, Take Profit and Pending order functionalities
  3. Immediate order management including Profit & Loss
  4. Server-side plugins that allows instant execution, full broker control, and server updates.
  5. Client-side software which allows traders to adjust trading parameters.
  6. Infinite amount of trading accounts to be managed simultaneously, regardless fund manager manages 2 accounts or 20000 accounts.
  7. Multiple allocation methods - Lot, Percentage, or Proportional
  8. "Group Order" execution from the main control screen
  9. Partial close of orders by master account execution
  10. Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from client side
  11. Each sub-account has an output to screen report
  12. Market watch window within Multi-Account Money Management (MAMM)

For Money Managers

  1. Trading with the all-time favorite MT4 Terminal
  2. Unlimited investor accounts with no Minimal Balance
  3. Automatic high watermark performance incentive calculation
  4. Full SL/TP, pending orders and EA functionally supported
  5. Live adding and removing sub-accounts
  6. Mass order execution with ease

For Investor

  1. Live P&L trading history
  2. SL & TP equity levels for sub-accounts
  3. Live trading parameters adjustment

For White Labels Partners

  1. White-label friendly configurations
  2. All operations are totally bridge friendly
  3. Agent commission for sub-accounts
  4. Server reboot-free

How It Works

IKOFX MAM Infographic