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Deposit & Withdrawal

At IKOFX, we offer various fund deposit and withdrawal method to provide the most efficient, low cost and short lead time of fund transfer solution. There are three main ways to deposit or withdraw your fund; via wire transfer, local depositor (only applicable at certain location) and e-currency. Soon, there will more alternatives transaction method available at IKOFX, we always look forward to improve and provide the best value of customer service to our client.

Please find the summary of the services provided below

 Fund DepositFund Withdrawal
Transaction CostLead TimeTransaction CostLead Time
Bank Wire Transfer $12 to $50 USD depends on banks 3 to 5 working days $25 USD 3 to 5 working days
Local Depositor Approximately 3% Within 24 hours Approximately 3% Within 48 hours
Credit Card 5.2% * Instantly $10 USD 3 to 5 working days **
Perfect Money 0%
Instantly 0% Within 24 hours
Liberty Reserve NIL NIL 80% via Bank Wire *** 3 to 5 working days **

* Please kindly take note that minimum fund deposit is 50 USD and 5% system fees shall be charged for each transaction

** The above mentioned withdrawal lead time shall applied when all the respective information and documents were in place. For the first time withdrawal will be refunded to the respective credit card, consecutive withdrawal shall be executed via Bank Wire Transfer.

*** For customer who previously deposited via Liberty Reserve, please be informed that Liberty Reserve is no longer existed worldwide and all the previously deposited fund is no longer available. Customer will only receive 20% of payable amount from their requested withdrawal amount.

General Guideline to Deposit and Withdraw fund

Fund Deposit

Step 1

Login your username and password to access the cabinet


Step 2

Click on the [Fund Deposit] button


Step 3

Select your preferable fund transfer method, please note that you have to use the same method when you withdraw your fund.


For the use of [Bank Wire], you have to fill out the bank wire information of IKOFX as below and stated correctly your name and account number for bank wire description


If you would like to input your fund through [Local Depositor], you have to choose your location. Then a list of assigned local depositor will be available, you have to contact our local depositor in order to deposit your fund, they shall guide and assist you through the process. It is fast and low transfer fee.


Fund Withdrawal

Step 1

Login your username and password to access the cabinet


Step 2

It is recommended to check your account balance before proceed to the fund withdrawal. Please keep in mind that withdrawal of fund which shall causes to the reducing of equity falls into a lower category, therefore the Welcome bonus shall be deemed as void if it is out of the categories range; Or shall be deems and revised as according to the new category. Kindly ensure the equity is above the minimum requirement for obtaining a Welcome Bonus before any withdrawal has been made.

Requirement of obtaining Welcome Bonus according to minimum equity:
  • MUST AT LEAST equity of 120 USD to maintain for entitlement bonus of 20 USD.
  • MUST AT LEAST equity of 550 USD to maintain for entitlement bonus of 50 USD.
  • MUST AT LEAST equity of 1100 USD to maintain for entitlement bonus of 100 USD.
  • MUST AT LEAST equity of 5500 USD and above to maintain for entitlement bonus of 500 USD.


Click on the [Fund Withdrawal] button

Step 3

Click on the [Fund Withdrawal] button


Step 4

Select your withdrawal option, please note that you must use the same method with how you deposit your fund and the fund only can withdraw to your own bank account but not third party bank account which is prohibited. This is to comply with our Anti Money Laundering Policy


Step 5

Just fill in the required information in the withdrawal form and click on [Proceed Withdrawal] button. Your withdrawal request shall be process immediately.


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