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IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 - LV Party


IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 is a one and a half month based event which is aimed to reward IKOFX's valued guests for their top performance on promoting IKOFX to the world. IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza is a seasoned based event; different prizes are ready to be given away on different seasons. For instance, IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 – LV Party, will be offering a wide range of Louise Vuitton prizes. A great range of prizes will be given away ranging from Louis Vuitton key chains to Louis Vuitton Luggage Bags! More referral; more LV! Only available at IKOFX—Your Ideal Place for Forex Trading!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. General Conditions
    • IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 is applicable to all new and existing verified live accounts. The contest period starts from July 1, 2012 (00:00 GMT) until August 15 2012; the contest is a seasoned based event which will be held for 1.5 months from first day/date of the Month (00:00 GMT) up to the last day/date of the contest (23:59:59 GMT; excluding weekend)
    • The contest achievement will be categorized with a specific range starting from 5 newly referred clients to 200 referred clients.
  2. Participants
    • All persons who are 18 years old or more, whether an existing IKOFX client or not (IB or Affiliates), may participate in the Contest.
    • By agreeing to join this contest, all newly referred clients recruited in accordance with the conditions of this contest shall be considered as entries. Participants warrant that they are eligible to participate in the contest and are not prohibited by any laws, rules or policy of their countries.
    • All newly recruited clients must get their respective live account to be verified, funded at least $300 in order to be taken account for the contest
    • Only direct, newly referred & funded accounts will be taken into consideration for the contest
    • The following conditions will be not taken into account for the contest:
      1. Funded accounts which referred by an IB / Affiliate below contestant’s network.
      2. Contestant’s self-referring live accounts.
      3. Clients which has not been verified or funded their live account.
      4. Live account which has been created before the contest.
    • The contestant must provide valid data; the full name must be identical with the one in the local government issued ID document; and the active contact email. IKOFX deserves the rights to forfeit any winning contestant whom had provided false information.
    • IKOFX reserves the rights to decline registration of any participant without explaining the reason or disqualify any participant during the Contest or after the Contest is over with explanation. The reason of disqualifying can be varies such as, self-referring, suspicious account owned by the contestant himself / herself & etc.
    • By registering for the contest, a contestant accepts all restrictions and rules applicable for the contest. Should the contest rules be violated, IKOFX reserves the right of disqualifying a participant in the course of the contest.
    • Results will be judged based on specific, individual live account for the contest, results from combining accumulated recruited traders & deposited fund from several trading accounts will not be taken account.
    • IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza trading rules and regulations will be based on IKOFX Customer Agreement.
  3. Results of the Contest & Publication
    • Results of the contest shall be announced and published at the website (www.ikofx.com) right after the decision is made. The winners agree that their names will be published in and/or outside the website, and IKOFX has the right to use any information related to the winners’ accounts for advertising and publish it on forum, company’s website or other media.
  4. Winner Determination & Prizes
    • A 10 level of winning categories will be given in a table; trader with the specific amount of funded live accounts under their designated live account at the end of a given month (last day/date of the month 23:59 GMT) shall win the prizes. (*please refer to the table presented at below)
    • In the event of prize unavailability or replaced model, IKOFX reserve the right to replace prizes with equal market values.
    • All Louis Vuitton prizes / vouchers / gift card are genuine products and will be delivered to the winners within 30 working days after the announcement of the prizes.
    • All the prizes are not transferrable.
    • The winner shall be fully responsible for paying all necessary expenses, taxes, customs and other existing mandatory fees established by the laws of the country where the prize shall be taken and the laws of the country of the winners, upon claiming the prizes.
    • In case of tie, the decision who shall be the winner will be taken by IKOFX.
    • Prizes for the IKOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 – LV Party includes:
    • Level Funded Account Reward
      1 5 LV Voucher $100
      2 15 LV Voucher $300
      3 30 LV Voucher $500
      4 50 LV Voucher $1,000
      5 75 LV Voucher $1,500
      6 100 LV Voucher $3,000
      7 125 LV Voucher $3,500
      8 150 LV Voucher $4,000
      9 200 LV Voucher $5,000
      10 300 LV Voucher $10,000
    • IKOFX reserves the rights to verify the legitimacy of the participation of the owner of the account, as well as the identities of the winners.
    • IKOFX shall contact the winners in order to claim their prizes. Failure to claim the prizes within the period given by IKOFX will be a ground for forfeiture.
    • All prizes must be claimed within the particular month where the results were released, prizes which failed to be claimed by the respective contestants will be invalidated. Any arguments & appeal will not be entertained.
  5. Others
    • IKOFX reserves the right to change the terms and conditions as well as rules of this campaign. It has all the right to disqualify any participant in case of violation with the rules without prior notification. By participating and registering in this campaign, participant accepts all the provisions, terms and conditions herein. Any arguments and/or disputes pertaining to this campaign shall be settled by IKOFX which decisions are final and cannot be reviewed.
    • IKOFX reserves the right to terminate the contest should there be any unfair condition rises for most of the participants.

*For more details please do not hesitate to send your email to [email protected].