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IKOFX Secure iCode OTP

Interested to upgrade your investment security? IKOFX is ready to provide you with the latest upgrade that gives you the comfort of enjoying your investment with high level security that only the premium broker able to offer.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • USD $35.00 will be deducted from customer's trading account as payment of getting the token once customer had clicked on "Agreed & Submit" button.
  • Transaction will not be completed over an account that has insufficient fund.
  • It's solely customer's responsibility to ensure their account has sufficient to withhold their pending / active order so that the fund deduction shall not cause severe damage (*i.e.: StopOrder or Margin Call); IKOFX shall not be responsible for any consequences over the deduction of fund after the customer had submitted the form.
  • IKOFX will not be responsible for any missing or undeliverable token over a wrongly inserted mailing address that customer had inserted on the form.
  • IKOFX will not be responsible for any damage unit of "IKOFX Secure iCode OTP Token" which was caused by customer accidentally or otherwise intended.
  • Customer shall immediately send the "Device Serial Number" (*located at the back of the device) to [email protected] for device deactivation after he/she had lost the device; replacement unit arrangement is possible on additional charging basis.
  • Charging Method:
Descriptions Balance (USD) Charges (USD)
- < $1,000 $35
- >= $1,000 $25
- >= $3,000 $15
- >= $5,000 FREE
Spoiled, Damaged, Renewal, Loss - $35